Dollar note rain in Pakistani wedding reception: luxury wedding!

Wedding memorial gift showed dollars note phones

(Wedding memorial gift showed dollars note phones)

In the wedding held in Pakistan, the bride’s house was got a gift like US dollar and cell phones from the groom’s house.

Mohammad Arshad is from Shujabad town near Multan, Pakistan. He was recently married a girl from Khanpur, Punjab.

Groom was brought to the bride’s house for marriage. The girl’s house was eagerly waiting for welcome the groom Mohammed Arshad.

At that time, groom’s family gifted the US Dollars and Saudi Arabian riyal as gifts for guests of the bride’s house.

They also threw expensive cell phones as gifts. The guests were not expected. They took foreign currency notes and cell phones and enjoyed.

The general public also knew that news and gathered at the wedding house. They also got gifts. The groom, Mohammad Arshad, said that this was a gift from the memory of his marriage.

Keywod:Wedding memorial gift showed dollars note phones


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