Father had threatened his daughter and enjoyed four years: 115 years imprisonment!

Father Sexual abuse daughter

(Father Sexual abuse daughter)

We always have to respect women’s feelings. This is because the woman is a noble creation of the world. We should never ignore it. Those who are interested in lust are much more than pursuit of love. The plight of women who have escaped from those lusty animals is very dangerous. This is the same thing like that.

The country has been sentenced to 115 years imprisonment for raping her daughter in Malaysia for four years.

This person lives in Malaysia’s Guantánamo city. This fisherman has 5 children. In this situation, he had raped his 20-year-old elder daughter for the last four years.

Mother knew her daughter was sexually harassed and she did not notice it because of the fear of her husband.

But her second daughter has been sexually harassed since last month.

The elder daughter has complained to the police because of her sisters should not continue by this sufferings.

The Malaysian court has sentenced her father to 115 years imprisonment immediately with considering the case nature.

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