Julie 5 sec issue was again started!

Bigg boss Julie apalam video issue today latest

(Bigg boss Julie apalam video issue today latest)

Julie, who has hosted the ‘Odi vilaiyadu pappa’ show in the Kalaignar TV, has acted in an Aruna papadam advertisement. Julie fans have like that advertisement. Julie is happy to be featured in an ad film.

In the Big Boss show, Julie asked to release a 5 second video and the video was never released. Now those 5 seconds are taken in the hands of advertising.

It has attracted the attention of followers to coincide with the 5-segment of the Julie. Julie just did not know that you’re teasing and acted, followers said.

The Oviya army teased like “Julie do not have guilty for that 5-second video?”.

People think about Aruna Papadam, if it is lost in 5 seconds, Julie and management do not responsible for that!

This is not hate on Julie..!

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