Rahul Gandhi had said wishes to 107-year old grandmother!

Rahul gandhi wish 107 year old grandmother birthday

(Rahul gandhi wish 107 year old grandmother birthday)

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had made a call and said greetings to a 107 year old grandmother, according her request. Not only that, he has been greeted on Twitter as well. Now her grand-daughter thanked him on twitter for this. This twitter debate is now on viral and everyone appreciates Rahul’s character.

“Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She is 107 years old. Her only wish is to see Rahul Gandhi. She replied that he is so beautiful when I asked why you want to see him”,Deepali Chikanth twitted.

Rahul replied, “Dear Deepali, please tell happy birthday to your beautiful grandmother. And tell her my Christmas greetings. And hug her on my behalf. ”

After this Tweet, Deepali has made a new Tweet. It said, “Not enough for greetings on Twitter. Rahul Gandhi had made call and greeted my grandmother. This is the real human being. Thank you for the blessings from you all. Everybody is important “, said.

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