The famous Hollywood actress stole the item in the grocery store!

Actress Lainie Kazan arrested shoplifting today latest

(Actress Lainie Kazan arrested shoplifting today latest)

One Hollywood senior actress was arrested for stole food at a grocery store.

Actress Lainie Kazan is acting in Hollywood films since the 1960s. She has also acted in a number of TV serials and stage plays and has sung many songs as singer.

In this case, she went to a popular grocery shop and she was taken $ 180 worth of food items and kept in her bag, said. She went out with those things and tried to escape in her car.

The shopkeeper, who had seen her action, inquired Leaini. She told that she couldn’t have money for buy things, that’s why she did like this.

Following this, police inquired and brought her to police station. Then they warned and released her.

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