Shruti has released her and her boyfriend close photo! 

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(Actress Shruti Haasan Releases boyfriend photo today latest gossip)

The leading actress Shruti Haasan, has released a photo of be close with her lover, and created stir.

Sruthi Hassan is busy in acting in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. She is currently acting in Kamal Haasan’s ‘Sabash Naidu’ movie. Sabash Naidu’s film is produced in Tamil and Telugu. She has also agreed to act in a Hindi film.

In the meantime, she has a close friendship with London-based actor Michael Corsale. The photographs as together were recently released. In this situation, Shruti Haasan is quietly waiting without accept new films.

A few months ago, she introduced Michael Corsale to Father Kamal Haasan and recently introduced to her mother. Similarly, actress Shruti Hassan was attended with Michael Corsale in the marriage of Aadhav Kannadasan.

In this scenario, before the Christmas, she posted a photo of herself close to her lover on her social website and created stir. This photo is spreading on a social media.

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