Rajinikanth friend speech about Rajini political entry !

Super star Rajinikanth political entry

(Super star Rajinikanth political entry)

Rajini’s real character has revealed through his friend’s speech video, said.

Rajini was understood about people very late. Because people are not in the mood to enjoy it, even Rajini speak punch dialog in any film.Mostly his fans are fifty years old or more than that.So they cannot whistle into the theater like youngsters.The people’s taste is changing according time, he understood about this very late.

Super star Rajinikanth political entry

So however he acted, there is no reality. At the age of retirement, it is impossible to attract today’s generation.

Realizing this, in recent times, he has made a meeting with his fans.

Rajini’s childhood friend has narrated the story to what has happened in the background. He explained it very badly.

Like this situation, the future of the political decision will be questionable if the others are in the same situation.

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