Sindhu’s New Year desire…!

Indian badminton player P. V. Sindhu new year desire latest

(Indian badminton player P. V. Sindhu new year desire latest)

The Indian Badminton player PV Sindhu said her wish that she would like to improve as the world’s leading player in the 2018 season.

PV Sindhu is the second highest in this season. She won the title of Indian open, Korean Open and Syed Modi Championships and advanced to the final of World Championship, Hong Kong Open and Dubai Super Series.

In this situation, Sindhu told reporters yesterday:

“I want to progress as the world’s first player in the 2018 season. I am currently in the 3rd place and I will get the top spot in the competition through the best performance. So, I’m not going to make a crisis for me to improve in ranking.

Now the women’s singles division time of the game has increased. Game time has increased because of well challenged players. I think there is no badminton series with short time.

Fans’ enthusiastic encouragement during the tournament did not cause any problems. Instead, it gives inspiration.

Fan expectations can be anything. I am aiming to express my complete game.

Each year, the table of contests for badminton series may change. The number of matches can be increased. We cannot criticize it. As for me, it’s no change in the game, “she said.

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