Bangalore baby born as millionaire…!

Bangalore child born millionaire today latest news

(Bangalore child born millionaire today latest news)

Yesterday, the Bangalore Municipal Corporation had already announced that Rs 5 lakh cash prizes would be paid to the first child born in government hospitals on the New Year day.

Gopi-Pushpa’s daughter was born in a municipal hospital in Basiyum circle of Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore and this baby got this cash price. It was noteworthy that this baby was born exactly 12.05 am last night.

Bangalore City Corporation Mayor Sampat Raj said: “The first woman child born in the state hospital was granted Rs.5 lakh cash prize on behalf of the corporation of Bangalore. The cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh on behalf of the corporation of Bangalore will be useful for the child’s education expenses. Parents can use the interest of that money for the child’s study cost. That amount would be helpful for the upper educations.

That baby’s mother Pushpa said, “I belong to the poor family. My baby is very lucky. She has received a gift of Rs.5 lakh. I will spend only Rs 5 lakh for my child’s studies. That money is not going to be used for anything else. My baby will study IAS. That is my wish. This money will be useful for IAS study.”

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