A woman has carrying heart in a bag and survives…

Britain woman carrying bag heart today latest news

(Britain woman carrying bag heart today latest news)

A woman carrying bag of artificial heart in Britain and survival has surprised everyone.

Selwa Hussain’s heart was inactive. So she was admitted to Harefield Hospital. Heart surgery has done for her.

Artificial heart was fitted to her by an alternative surgery because the heart failure. Two large plastic tubes are attached to her heart. It is operated by the connected motor. The total value of this instrument is 73 lakhs.

Hussain is keeping this included instrument in the back of her body. Wherever she goes, she has taken that bag. She said, ‘Thank you for the Harefield Hospital, which helped me to celebrate New Year with my family. It’s great that they’ve created a solution to survive alive. ”

A Briton woman has bringing the bag with heart and survive has surprised everyone.

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