Man keeps 47 year unopened gift box: Waiting shock!

unopen 47 year gift box today latest gossip

(unopen 47 year gift box today latest gossip)

How long can a gift box be closed? Adrian Pearce of Canada has kept a gift box for 47 years without open! In 1970, Vicki was gave gift box to the 17 year old student Adrian and she is Adrian’s lover.

She also announced that the relationship was broken. Adrian got upset and threw the gift box in anger. It fell under the tree of Christmas. After the end of that year, the people in the house split all the gifts. When they finally tried to open this gift, he told them to not to open this gift.

“I was angry when I saw this gift which was given to my first love break up. A few years later, my family asked me to open this. I have said that I will not open this until my life time. Then, the sister of the Vicki has contacted me.

Vicky said that she wanted to see me. We were met. But both did not like to love again. We did not want to meet again. We decided to do not meet anymore and broken up.

I was married and had children. My kids kept asking if they could open it but I refused. The main reason I did not open the gift is that someday she will come back and that time we can open as together. If open it, that interest will be gone. I thought to contact Vicki during this Christmas. But I do not know where she is.

So I’m going to arrange a show in the 50th year. I’m going to give a gift to those who say exactly what’s inside this gift box. I’m going to give the benefits to trust from this show, “says Adrian Pierce. This matter has get appreciation in social Medias.

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