7-year-old girl receives breast implants!! Christmas gift from her mum..


7-year-old girl receives breast implants

A 7-year- old Juliet Manson, from Glendale in California was continually asking her parents that she needs breast implants surgery.

Though her mother, Dana Manson, tried to convince Juliet that her breasts would grow soon. But Juliet completely fixed with the idea of getting breast implants.

Dana Took Juliet to a psychiatrist. But the result was totally different from what she expected.

After multiple sessions with Juliet, the famous psychiatrist Eduardo Ramirez finally told her mother that a surgery could be advantageous as the small girl is suffering from a severe depression.



According to the psychiatrist’s opinion, Manson contacted many hospitals in the US and Mexico, but all of them were refused to perform breast implants on a young girl.

Then she found a hospital in China where the doctors were ready to perform the surgery.

Dana Manson decided to take her daughter to this surgery as her Christmas gift.

Juliet now has a 30C cup, and her mother says she’s “extremely happy about her about her new breasts”.


The young girl’s strange decision caught the world’s attention after she posted several pictures of herself on her Instagram account just hours after the surgery.


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