Conflicts with wife: Father married his daughter!

Bad relationship father daughter today latest
(Bad relationship father daughter today latest)

Most of the strange activity happens in this world.

In the United States, a man has married his daughter without took divorce from his original wife has created a shock.

Christopher Havfdmen(44) is from the Pennsylvania province, America.

He has married a girl named Shannon Dietrich on last 2015.

Dietrich has already married and she has a daughter Kyley Durovik (19).

Christopher has had a bad relationship with his daughter Kylie while staying in the same house.

In this situation, Dietrich has fought with her husband and left from the house.

After that Last year, Christopher married Deitrich’s daughter Kyley.

Furthermore, he has sent relationship photos with Kyley to the first wife.

Police arrested Christophor to inform the police about this.

Then put complain to the police and they arrested Christophor.

Christopher’s case was held in court, and he was sentenced to at least 364 days and a maximum of 729 days in prison.

He had already been sentenced to 332 days in police custody, so punishment days has deducted. Also he punished for 10 years with the condition monitoring.

The next hearing will be held on next week. Because, Christopher’s case has filed in various sections.

The fraud cases related to bought gun case against Christopher has been taking place since 2011.

Whatever it is, impossible to put an end point for like these cases.

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