Doctors has done postmortem before the person’s death …

Careless doctors behaviour today latest

(Careless doctors behaviour today latest)

The hospital administration said that he has died in accident at Karnataka, India and they have done the post mortem report but he has alive, his relatives have said. The Indian News has mentioned this.

Praveen Moole (age 23) was rushed to a road accident in Karnataka. He had taken to the Karnataka Medical College for treatment.

The hospital authorities said that Praveen was dead and they had sent his body to the post mortem.

However, the relatives of Praveen who came to the hospital have examined the body. His heartbeat has been consistent.

They immediately told to the doctor. But his body has kept in the minus 20 degrees centigrade temperatures for 7 hours and he was dead.

As a result, many people, including the relatives and friends of the Praveen have gathered before the KIMS and made struggle to take action for doctors who failed to meet.

The relatives of Praveen told that his body had movement at the post mortem room. But the doctors had post mortem. The doctors then said that Praveen was dead.

The hospital administration, which has denied the allegations of Praveen relatives, said that he has dead when Praveen has brought to Hospital.

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