Israel has made a record in creation of tiniest tomato!

Creat world small tomato variety

(Creat world small tomato variety)

The agricultural scientists have created the smallest size of tomato at Israel.Water facility is very low at Israel. So they are using new techniques and modern technologies in agriculture. Through this the country is specialize in production and research in agricultural. Specifically, vegetables and fruits are being cultivated in modern way.

As part of this, the country has already created a very small form of tomato. This tomato, also known as cherry tomato, is red in color and very small in size. This type of cherry tomatoes is becoming more popular in countries including the United States.

In this case, an agricultural research firm ‘Kedma’ in Israel has created a very small size of cherry tomato. This tomato size is water drop size and display as a red color and beautiful. These tomatoes have now begun taking place in the hotels of the country.

The Kedma’s executive Ariel Kidron said:

“This type of small tomato is made to eat tomatoes without cooking. You can throw it in a salad and you don’t need to cut it. It just explodes in your mouth. Moreover, the juice inside is not waste because it is small enough to bite in the mouth. It’s convenient to eat for whom like to eat tomato salad. ”

These small size tomatoes have been developed in other colors, not only red. The new type of tomatoes will be available in the agricultural exhibition held on this month at Israel.

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