Vairamuthu derogatory Speech about God Andal: Tamilisai has created controversy!

Vairamuthu Derogatory Speech God Andal today news

(Vairamuthu Derogatory Speech God Andal today news)

Soundararajan has said that Tamil poet Vairamuthu should apologize for speaking about god Andal.

BJP Tamilnadu leader Tamilisai Soundararajan said in a statement:

The poet Vairamuthu has begun to talk and write about the proud of Andal. But he has disgraced the god. She is an angel, god then how did he describe her as “Devadasi”?

Barathi said whoever insult Mother of Tamil, I will not let him go, as such I will not let go who ever insult person who nurtured Tamil. This is our stand. To say sorry, if I hurt your feeling is not the acceptable.

We want you to change and rewrite and record it. And ask for apologies by stating that you won’t write again to hurt peoples feeling. The explanation given looks like you are keeping a grudge in mind, as such it is not acceptable to us.

She said.

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