A Sexual director Harvey Weinstein has slapped by a fan!

Harvey Weinstein slapped two fans today latest news

(Harvey Weinstein slapped two fans today latest news)

An instance of a youth has slapped the Harvey Weinstein at a private food restaurant video has spreading on the internet

A number of Hollywood leading heroines have sexually harassed by Weinstein. He has been attacked at the restaurant.

When the producer of disgraced said about this:

Weinstein had dinner at a restaurant. That time two people have asked to take photographs with him. Weinstein said that he does not have interest to take photos because he was a bit tired. So, one of those two men has slapped Weinstein. The other has blamed in bad words.

It has been recorded and uploaded on websites.

However, Weinstein said that he did not meet such an incident.

Kewword:Harvey Weinstein slapped two fans today latest news


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