God Aandal is a mother for Vairamuthu: Actress Kasthuri Action!

Vairamuthu aandal issue speck actress kasturi latest news

(Vairamuthu aandal issue speck actress kasturi latest news)

Some of the BJP and Hindu religious leaders have said condemnations for Vairamuthu to criticizing Andaal during the recent Dinamani article.

In his speech, Vairamuthu pointed out that the researcher Subhash Chandra Malik, a researcher from Indiana University, mentioned the character of Andaal as devadasi who lived and died in the Thiruvarangam.

BJP’s national secretary H. Raja has said that not only Vairamuthu but also Dinamani should ask apologize. Besides, many Hindu activists have condemned Vairamuthu.

In this case, the famous actress Kasturi has expressed her opinion on her Facebook page. In that case, nobody should politicize the Andaal. It is the injustice to Andaal.

Actress Kasturi’s comment: –

In ancient Hindu religions, Devadasi is the only one who is obliged to God. She is the noblest social personality and respectable woman who does not need to bow down to the man. Ancient Greece also has ‘vestal virgins’.

If Andaal was a devadasi, it was not shame at that time, nor was it a great honor.

Many of the artists who worked only for the temple have reduced. It comes to the street through Devadasi.

However, Devar servent meaning had been changed like the prostitute was after the 1950s. They don’t know the Hindu religious history who the one said “Devar servent” is a bad word.

If I say this then immediately they said me as Devadasi or prostitute. They will talk about my caste.

Because, here a woman talking is creating a big trouble. Ontological is moral decline. Actress openly talks about religion and Tamil is treasonous.

(‘Soodi kodutha sudar kodi’) Andaal is not just the mother for Vaishnava people, but also the mother for Vairamuthu. Anyone should not politicize her. It is the injustice to Andaal.

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