The Canadian Prime Minister has celebrated Thai Pongal with Dhoti in traditional way!

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau celebrate thai pongal 2018

(Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau celebrate thai pongal 2018)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has worn vesti and celebrated Pongal with the traditional Tamil community.

According to the census in Canada in 2016, a hundred and fifty seven thousand Tamils ​​are living. In October of that year Canada Parliament issued a notice. Accordingly, January month is traditional month in each year.

In this situation, Prime Minister Justin has celebrated Pongal with the Tamil community in Canada. At that time, he has wearing vesti and celebrated pongal.

The Mayor of Toronto, John Tory has also attended to the event. Pongal has cooked by Justin and John. After Justin spoke to the Tamil people and greeted them.

He has greeted for Pongal and Tamil culture Month in Tamil words with the photo taken during the Pongal event on the Tweeter. He said that he was very happy to attend this function.

Justin is very interested in celebrating Tamil traditional festivals. Canada’s Tamils says that this initiative is giving happiness.

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