Rajini’s way is solo way likewise my way is MGR way: Kamal’s political journey begins!

Actor kamal haasan political party name today latest news

Actor Kamal Hassan named his visit as “Naalai Namathe”.

Actor Kamal Haasan, who stabbed the central and state governments on Twitter, has confirmed that he would come to politics. He is actively involved in this work.

Actor kamal haasan political party name today latest news

Kamal has announced that his visit will start on February 21st and he will announce his political party related announcement on that day. Similarly, actor Rajinikanth, who recently met his fans, has promised to come to politics

He announced that his party would contest the coming assembly elections. But the actors into politics, there is an opposition and reception.

Rajini and Kamal do not care about it. Actor Rajinikanth does not criticize anyone and does not comment on others. That is, he has started the political journey based on his movie dialogue ‘En Valzhi Thani Vazhi’.

But Kamal Hassan said that his way is MGR way. Kamal, who has been on tour since February 21st, has named “Naalai Namathe” for his journey.

He said that it has remembered the good memories when saying this name and that is why he has named “Naalai Namathe”.

The former Chief Minister of MGR’s period has known as Golden period. The MGR has not imposing any taxes on people. In this situation, he has named using MGR dialogue for his journey.

So, Rajini will act in his own way and Kamal Hassan will act in MGR’s way. Time has to reply to whom people going to support.



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