Manjima has given the correct retaliation to the one who spoke about virginity!

Manjima Mohan talk virginity today latest news

(Manjima Mohan talk virginity today latest news)

Manjima Mohan has given retaliation for who spoke about virginity. Actresses Sanusha and Amala Paul have sexually harassed. Both of them have boldly complained to the police. In their complaint, those persons have arrested for sexual harassment. In this situation, Manjima Mohan has commented on Twitter about this.

I told my brother that women are now safe than ever before. But in some cases, the violence against women is increasing day by day. They should stop treating women as a sexual object, Manjima has tweeted.

A man, who saw Manjima’s tweets, has tweeted “Get married soon. It is very difficult to protect virginity in these days.

Is marriage is the solution? It’s not always about virginity. It is self-respect, Manjima has replied. So fans of Manjima Mohan have appreciated her on Tweeter.

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