Nithya’s Flying Kiss to Nani

Nithya Menen flying kiss nani

(Nithya Menen flying kiss nani)

Nithya Menon’s flying kiss to Nani at the pre-release event of Awe has caught the attention of gossip mongers. Though nothing unusual about Nithya’s flying kiss, many have started to cook up ‘something’ out of nothing.

Actually, Nithya’s gesture to Nani was made as a mark of gratitude for saying good words about her. During the event, Nani said that the role of Nithya Menon played in the film is suspense and no one else could actually dare to do such role or could pull off such role.

Nani said that he knows much before anyone else that Nithya would give her nod to the film. Given such build up about her and her role, naturally, this made Nithya to thank Nani with her gesture since she was off the dais.

At the same time, as a producer Nani has praised all the cast, crew of the film in equal measure.

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