Actor Kamal Haasan started the new website “Naalai Namadhe”

Actor kamal haasan lounge political website

(Actor kamal haasan lounge political website)
After keeping the public waiting for over 3 months, actor Kamal Haasan has finally launched his website – at a student conference in Harvard University.

While attending a student conference at Harvard University, Kamal talked about the urgent need for change in Tamil Nadu politics.

Actor kamal haasan lounge political website

Called ‘Maiam’, the website has been designed with the motive to build a new sustainable model village.

t the event, he also indicated that he is unlikely to join hands with Rajinikanth anytime soon as there is a “a hue of saffron in Rajni’s politics”. The two stalwarts of Tamil cinema had announced their entry into politics around the same time as the other.

He said that although they share a friendly bond, their politics are different, adding that “saffron is not my colour”.

He was equally dismissive of the Tamil Nadu government, describing it as corrupt and self-serving. He reiterated his stance at Harvard University as well.

While delivering his speech at Harvard, the actor spoke about his dream of creating a “corruption-free Tamil Nadu.”

He said he aspires to be a politician with a difference.

Kamal Haasan plans to travel across the state and understand the grievances of the people. The website is a whistleblower of sorts, intended as a platform to reach out to the people of the state.

Haasan is scheduled to announce the name of his party on 21 February at Rameswaram, from where he would launch a statewide political tour.

He calls this tour a “journey of discovery” during which he will attempt to “understand people’s needs and aspirations”.

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